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    Could you help me please?

    I'm a new visitor from China. Idon't know how to post and reply my message. Why I can't reply my message in this forum and post in the other parts?Do I have to register? How can I register? Do I have to pay for it?How much do I have to pay for it?
    Please write back to me soon,because I'm very worried about it.
    Thank you very much!! It's very kind of you!

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    you don't have to pay for registration. See below, and you got a field of registration. There you click on, and complete the registration form. Per E-Mail you get an acknowledgement.

    That's all :D

    I'm also new here since today. I don't know, whether you have to registration to reply a message. Try it, and you'll find out :wink:

    Nice greetings,


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