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Thread: confusion

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    Question confusion

    Wire Health & Science - Analysis: Vaccine-autism link unproven -

    This week, government officials said they have agreed to pay the Polings from a federal fund that compensates people injured by vaccines.

    (is the above sentence correct? I think "have agreed" should be changed to "had to")

    Today is my birthday. We had plans today.

    (the above is from another article. Why "had" is used instead of "have"?)

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    Re: confusion

    In the first sentence "have agreed" is right and the sentence is correct. If you used "had to" it would mean they had no choice but to agree - even if this were true the officials wouldn't want to say that.

    As for your second sentence without context I cannot be certain, but the use of had here suggests that the plans have been changed for some reason.

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