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    Bulletin v Magazine

    Please help with this problem.
    What is the difference between a Club Bulletin and a Magazine?

    I am told, that since both are publications, a bulletin may be called a magazine and vice versa. No difference. I disagree, since I have never seen a magazine with a club's minutes of the meetings.
    If there was no difference between the two, why have two words for one thing?
    I always thought that though a magazine could be called a bulletin, a bulletin can never be a magazine. Your thoughts on this please?

    So if anyone can explain the difference between these two, it would be much appreciated.

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    Re: Bulletin v Magazine

    According to bookseller/publishing industry standards, anything with 49 pages or less is considered a bulletin, brochure or pamphlet.

    That is the difference in the strictest sense of the definition. Obviously, clubs and organizations publish periodicals that they refer to as "magazines" which are less than 49 pages. I think the general understanding is that a "bulletin" contains current news and goings-on in the organization, while a magazine might contain not only news, but also "filler" material - a biography of a member, puzzles, things like that.

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    Re: Bulletin v Magazine

    Thank you very much, this helps.
    Goings-on within the club, is probably the discussion on constitutions, proposals and minutes of the meeting. I am fairly certain that if this is in the publication, it should not be referred to as a magazine.
    In the Canadian Kennel Club for instance, their magazine is separated from their official section, which contains news of the club and minutes of the meetings. The magazine is open to every one, while the official section, or bulletin, is only for members.
    I would welcome any other opinions on this.

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