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    Wink Series 'consists of or 'consist of'

    Dear Sirs

    I've seen many people using 'consists of' as well as 'consist of' after the word 'series' interchangeably. For example:

    This product series consists of features such as ...

    This product series consist of features such as ...

    May I know which sentence is correct, or whether both can be used? In this case, can a product series be regarded as a single entity, referred to as one category of products?

    Your advice is appreciated. Thank you.


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    Re: Series 'consists of or 'consist of'

    Series is the same in the singular or the plural. To differentiate you need "this" or "these".

    This product series = consists of [singular - one series]

    These product series = consist of [plural - more than one series]

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