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Thread: take action

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    take action

    When you inform your cusomers of something they requested, what is the most popular expression when open a formal letter. for example, can I say as follows?( as a secretary)

    I would like to inform you about what I did for your request of refuning your money.

    In reply to your letter of requesting a refund, I would like inform you of the following.

    I woule like to inform you that what is going on in your requesting of a refund.

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    Re: take action

    Hi Bosun,
    I used to have to write letters like this for a prior company I worked for.

    If the action is complete, something like this (after you have given the customary introduction about "Thank you for contacting us, etc., etc.):

    As you have requested, we have credited your account in the amount of...
    As you have requested, we are refunding your entire purchase price. Please find enclosed a check ...

    If the action is not yet completed, then something like this:

    We would like to provide you with an upate of the actions we have taken to date to resolve the issue, and assure you that we are continuing to work toward a resultion that will be to your complete satisfaction.

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