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Thread: Self-seeking

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    I refer to people who approach us in order to take advantage of something we have to offer as SELF-SEEKING PEOPLE. Is it right? If yes, is there a more common and natural word in English to express it?

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    Re: Self-seeking

    A self-seeking person is a selfish person who is out to get what they want; they don't actually have to approach you; you could know this from their behaviour towards others. It's a ntural enough term IMO.

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    Re: Self-seeking

    Attention: Im not a teacher.

    Hi beachboy,


    IN BRIEF: Thinking and acting as if one's own desires and interests are more important than the interests and desires of others.

    selfish (adjective)
    Concerned only with oneself: egocentric, egoistic, egoistical, egomaniacal, egotistic, egotistical, self-absorbed, self-centered, self-involved, self-seeking, self-serving.

    She is obsessed with her brother in much the same autocratic and selfish way that he is obsessed with Pamela.
    She was said to be callous, selfish, irresponsible.
    Selfish Quinn has promised to be selfish in his quest for goals.
    Critics say Tory policy has created a crueler, more selfish Britain.
    He assumes that citizens are rational, selfish actors.
    But this in no way implies selfish sufficiency, license, or isolation.
    He is old and when he dies he selfish son inherits the land.



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