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Thread: Sounding board

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    Sounding board

    What's the meaning of the expression "sounding board"?

    The complete sentence is "This person is pragmatic and a great sounding board for others' ideas and suggestions"

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    Re: Sounding board

    Someone you tell your ideas to because you value their opinions and criticism.

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    Re: Sounding board

    Hi sicci,

    sounding board = (literally meaning) a thin board forming the upper portion of the resonant chamber in an instrument, such as a violin or piano, and serving to increase resonance.

    sounding board = (figurative meaning) a person or group whose reactions to an idea, opinion, or point of view serve as a measure of its effectiveness or acceptability.

    a person whose reactions to something serve as an indication of its acceptability

    Sounding board is also a term used to describe a person whose opinion or reaction to some matter is sought.



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