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Thread: correct?

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    could you please proofread the following (especially the highlighted parts):

    The invoice shall contain the particulars of a common tax document according to Section 28 paragraph 2 of the above-mentioned Act and, in addition to that, the following:

    The client shall not be in delay with payment of the invoice if he instructs his financial institution (bank) to make the payment on the last day of its term of payment at the latest.

    The client shall be entitled to return the invoice to the provider prior to the due date without making the payment if the invoice does not meet the requirements specified in subsections 3) and 5) or in case of any other defects in its contents. A defect in the contents means in particular that the scope, subject and price of taxable supplies do not comply with the contract.

    Thanks a lot!


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    Re: correct?

    They seem OK to me.

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