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    I don't know the exact reason why this sentence is ungrammatical...

    : You cannot suppose how tired I was.

    With best wishes...

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    Re: Help...

    Change it to :
    "You cannot imagine how tired I was."

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    Re: Help...

    Thanks for your answer...
    But I want to know why 'suppose' is unsuitable.

    Thanks again...

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    Re: Help...

    What meaning of 'suppose' do you believe would fit here?

    'You cannot suppose I had a late night just because I yawned' is possible, because the person is assuming something with very little evidence.

    "I suppose he could be too tired to drive anymore. I've seen him yawning a lot" - again, something is being assumed from just a little evidence.

    The meaning of your sentence seems to be, 'you can't imagine just how exhausted I was' - 'you can't imagine' is a stock phrase:
    "You can't imagine just how embarrassed I was."


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