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    Can you pls help me,what really does thıs mean:

    ı used to do smth: is it some kind of habitance which we did many times
    or is it an action which simply happened in the past which is changed nowadays.

    Actually i cant really understand .PLs help me with it

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    Re: grammar

    It could be either.
    " I used to smoke" means I don't now, but that (obviously) it was a habit that has been broken.
    "I used to go to that restaurant before it changed management" would mean I would sometimes eat there, (but don't anymore) but going to that restuarant was not what we would regard as a 'habit'
    Just how often or frequently the 'something' was done is not implied by the sentence itself, "I used to do something" - the person might have eaten at the restaurant every month, or every couple of months over a period of a few years' whereas, "I used to smoke" might mean 5 cigarettes a day, or two packs!

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