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    What does"here you/we go" mean?

    When watching English movies ,I always come across this expression "here you/we go". I just guess its meaning every time , but don't know if I understand it correctly or not. So , could you please explain its meaning to me with the following context ? Thank you very much!
    Context1: Lizzie is looking for Kate. Now she finds her and says:"Here you go Kate, this is your invitation card"
    Context2:John,a teacher, checks students' attendance first,then says:"Here we go class, let's start our new lesson!"
    Context3:Jim is a driver. He picks up his friends from a restaurant and says:"Here we go guys!" Then he drives his car. After some time , they arrive their destination and the driver says again:"Here we go!" Others get off the car.

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    Re: What does"here you/we go" mean?

    In your first two examples, "here we/you go" are simply introductory phrases. In AmE, "here you go" is commonly used when presenting something, either physically or metaphorically.

    "Hey, everyone else got a cookie except me. Where's my cookie?"
    (Teacher hands him a cookie.) "Here you go."


    (On the first day of class):
    Teacher: "This semester we will learn all about Greek mythology. Are you ready? Here we go!"


    "Here we go" can also be used literally, as in we are about to commence movement of some sort. Such as in your third example when everyone piles into a car and the driver announces "Here we go!" as he accelerates. Once they've arrived at their destination, the metaphorical definition applies - "We've arrived at our destination, we don't know what awaits us, but here we go! Let's see what happens."

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