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    made himself out ?

    The story begins 48 years ago, on July 21, in a desolate area of an oil field in Hawthorne, California. With its view of the ocean and glittering city lights, the spot made a perfect lovers' lane, which is where, around midnight, two teenage couples in a 1949 Ford were parked. They weren't alone for long. Out of the darkness, a man in his 20s, with a pompadour hairstyle, approached the car and, in a distinct Southern drawl the teenagers would never forget, said all he wanted to do was rob them. He pointed his .22, told the frightened youths to hand over their watches and cash, then made himself out to be a liar.

    Snapping off pieces of both duct and surgical tape to strap over their eyes and mouths, he forced three of them, two boys and a girl, into the backseat, while he raped the other girl in the front. Terrified, the youths figured they'd be killed so there would be no witnesses. Instead, the intruder ordered the teenagers to take off everything but their underwear, and left them, nearly naked, in the middle of nowhere as he sped away in their Ford.
    Hi, what's the meaning of " made himself out"? Wasn't the guy a robber? Why did he need to be a liar? TKS

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    Re: made himself out ?

    "Made himself out to be" means that he revealed something about himself. In this case, he originally reassured his victims that he was only going to rob them, that he just wanted their valuables. This sort of tactic lulls the victims into a false sense of security - "If we give him our money and jewelry, he'll leave us alone." However, when he ordered his victims to strip and proceeded to rape the females, he revealed that he had lied about strictly wanting to rob them.

    In the world of crime, there is something of a hierarchy, especially once one is in prison. Rapists are treated with contempt compared to burglars, thieves and robbers. Additionally, the penalties vary greatly when one is convicted of a robbery versus a rape.

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    Re: made himself out ?

    Ouisch, thanks for cracking this cold case for me.

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