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    idiom issue

    I was reading an article, and found this idiom" in one's effort to".
    Looking into several dictionaries and on-line resource,
    but could not find a explanation about this idiom.

    Please kindly help me clarify this puzzle. Thank you very much.


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    Re: idiom issue

    I don't really think of this as an idiom.

    As you tried to do [whatever], [whatever else happened].

    In your 24/7 efforts to advance your career, did you ever notice that your daughter was growing up not knowing her father?

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    Re: idiom issue

    Thank you very much for the help.
    It really helps a lot.
    I decided to register this forum and once again,
    Thank you very much~~

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    Re: idiom issue

    It's not an idiom, but merely a phrase. "In an effort to.." means a determined, vigorous attempt to achieve something.

    In an effort to be attractive to girls, he spent hours bodybuilding and under sunlamps.

    In his efforts to be successful in business, all the hours he spent at work meant he neglected his family.

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    Re: idiom issue

    Hello David,
    Sorry for the late reply...^_^''

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