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    Red face Correct usage of you and me or you and I

    What is the correct usage?

    Please copy Mark and me?
    Please copy Mark and I?

    Is it appropriate to end a sentence with me or I?

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    Re: Correct usage of you and me or you and I

    The full sentence would be :

    "Would you please send a copy to Mark and a copy to me."
    The personal pronoun is governed by the preposition 'to', so must be the objective case of "I", that is, "me".
    As you can see, the sentence ends in "me".

    A sentence can end in "I" :
    In some melodrama, one character might exclaim, "None other than I! Many years have I kept my real identity a secret, waiting for the moment to avenge...".
    The first sentence ends in "I"

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