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    confusion between the words 'give and take'

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am having difficulty in using the words give and take in the sentences with tuituion, test, exam, lecture, paper etc. I want to know if as a student when you are telling someone about your exam or test do you have to say that I am going to take my exam or test or paper or tuition etc and as a teacher its I am going to give exam/test or lecture or paper etc. Please carrify as I have noticed that some people use the word give and some use take while forming a sentence in the context mentioned above.

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    Re: confusion between the words 'give and take'

    In general, teachers 'give', and students 'take' -
    'the teacher gave us an algebra test'
    'I took an English language proficiency test for this job'
    'we had a three-hour chemistry paper'
    'the teacher gives private tuition/lessons in maths'
    'she receives tuition in etiquet'

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