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    Unhappy what is the first step

    Thank you for the reply , but now what can i do to start learning English in a right way, shall i begine with grammar or what because i faced problems with grammar during my studies it is the difficult material for me
    pleeeeeease help me and advice me
    thank you

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    Re: what is the first step

    Learning English language it is not an easy task and that is for sure. You need to identify which part of English is your strength and which one is your weakness. I divide English language into categories, my first stage was listening and observe, second stage understanding, then communicating by building short sentences, then reading and pronunciation and as You can see my last stage and weakest part is writing. Of course all stages need improvement, after all English is my second language. The best way is to try and don't worry if you getting words and sentences wrong, remember you the one who puts an effort and some day will be rewarding for as long you try. You see I am not that good, yet I don't feel bad or embarrassed just look how many words I manage to build just to give You an answer. self discipline that is the secret.

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