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    Please, choose

    choose the set of terminal tones, given in the multiple choice, that represents the style of the extract:
    The kid and the Wolf.
    Standing securely on a high rock, a kid noticed a wolf passing below and began to taunt him and shower him with abuse. The wolf merely stopped to reply, "Coward! Don't think that you can annoy me. As far as I'm concerned, it's not you who's taunting me, but the place on which you are standing!
    1. Low Fall, Low Rise, Mid Fall.
    2. Low Fall High Fall, Low Rise, Fall Rise
    3. Low Fall, Low Rise, Mid Level, Fall-Rise, High Fall
    4. High Fall, Low Fall, Fall-Rise, High Rise, Low Rise, Rise-Fall, Rise

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    Re: Please, choose

    Which would be your choice?

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