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    It could not be more OT.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Francois
    When you've taken as much bashing as the French recently, political correctness looks like a pretty abstract notion. That was a dumb post that could offend people, but let's keep using "human dignity" for more serious business.

    It wasn't a "dumb post"; it just needed rewording so as to express the point without offending anyone. :wink: Sometimes, I say "dumb" things. We all do. If we didn't, we'd be suspect! We're only human. :D

    Oh, I'm no stranger to 'bashing'. I'm a French Canadian who grew up in English Canada, and now, in Asia, I'm considered an English Westerner--a foreigner. I'm "placed" (i.e., labeled) yet displaced (i.e., no country to call home).

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