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    Question "ch" and "sh" sound

    Hi dear teachers!
    I want to teach my children "ch" and "sh" sound. I want some suggestions that how I should I do that. They are all 7 or 8 years old.
    Is the following explanatory sentence ok?
    When "c" and "h" come together in a word, they make a different sound like in chair.

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    Re: "ch" and "sh" sound

    How about:

    When two consonants come together, they can make another sound:

    "t" and "h" make the sound "th" as in "the" or "that".

    "c" and "h" make the sound "ch" as in "chair" or "child".

    "s" and "h" make the sound "sh" as in "shall" or "shout".

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    Re: "ch" and "sh" sound

    To reinforce the learning, I'd use* a game based on Pit (game - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia),
    with cards bearing pairs like cheap/sheep, chip/ship, chair/share...

    *Of course, this would depend on the school's attitude to noise


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