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    split center spread

    can u please tell me what split center spread mens in thi context?

    it's about an ad

    If you can get on the front cover that's, of course, number one. The back page is number two,then the right side of the page, then the left side of the first page, then left on the back pages. Andfinally, the split center spread."

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    Re: split center spread

    I'll give it a shot.
    A 'spread' is an article or advertisement covering several columns or pages of a newspaper or magazine, especially one that spreads across two facing pages.
    If you turn to the middle of a magazine, (where you can see the staples holding the pages together) I believe this is the 'split centre". Then, an ad (particularly one with a photograph or a lot of art work) that is spread across both of the middle pages would be the split centre spread.

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