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    #1 well

    "But had she recovered from her illness as well her brother fell with the same disease''

    my question is:

    is there such a structure in English like, well ?

    or is it just nonsense?

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    Re: well

    I think you might mean:

    ...but as she was recovering from her illness, her brother came down with it as well.

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    Re: well

    Can I say, "But as she had recovered from her illness, her brother came down..." Please.

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    Re: well

    This implies that now that his sister has recovered, her brother decided/chose to come down with ... (you don't state whether it is the same illness or some other illness)
    the meaning of 'as' in this sentence = "because" because of the tense you have used: "But as she had recovered..."
    that is, because this happened (she recovered), therefore as a direct result, this (her brother falling ill) happened.
    Perhaps he wanted some of the attention lavished on his sister whilst she was feeling so ill. !

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