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    In order to improve my writing skills I believe I will have to improve my reading skills first. But I give up reading in a few minutes because of huge unknown vocabulary. Can someone give me few examples of books that are good for an english learner who has intermidiate reading skills. I used to read kids books from the library that helped me a lot. Few times a day I also browse the internet news. These two methods are boring now. So, please help me to find some reading that is more interesting.

    Thank you.

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    Re: reading/writing

    Before we can help, you need to tell us what you find interesting [fiction or non-fiction; adventure; thrillers; romances; westerns; conspiracy; history - anything].

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    Re: reading/writing

    Dear Teacher,

    Thanks for your reply. Fiction and history would be fine for me. I do not know much about westerns, conspiracy, thrillers reading. Actually I would prefer something like easy reading to enjoy and practice the reading skills.

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