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    where does the web site locate?

    Dear teachers,
    Please read the following sentence:
    Now there are web sites that allow customers to place orders on-line. Autobytel, a recent entry to the British market, has already sold more than 20,000 cars through its web site in America.

    My question is that Autobytel is a British company which sold 20,000 cars in America or an American company which sold 20,000 cars in Britain?

    My opinion is that the company(the site) is in US and it recently entered British market and sold 20,000 cars to Britons through its America-based web site.

    Am I right?



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    Re: where does the web site locate?

    The only thing that we know for sure is that 20000 cars were sold through the US based website. I think it's likely that your interpretation is correct but I'd need to see the full article to be sure.

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    Re: where does the web site locate?

    Recent entry to the British Market: hence, an established company elsewhere (America) which has begun trading in Britain


    Recent entry in the British Market: a new British company

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