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Thread: in heed of

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    in heed of

    "In heed of" seems to be used to mean "in need of", but also seems to used to mean "in awareness of" or "in consideration of".

    A scan of several dictionaries offers no help, yet it's a frequently used phrase.

    Thank you for the help.

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    Re: in heed of

    I've had a look at some of these via Google, and quite a few were typos - the context means, 'in need of'

    I've never come across 'in heed of' before - it sounds quite ugly to my ear. I have come across, 'with heed to (the dire warnings from her ministers, the King...'.

    Anyone else help here?
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    Re: in heed of

    I'm with David on this one. The vast majority of google hits are for typos of "in need of". Scarily, the phrase does occur "for real" as in "Therefore let the clashing of arms be heard; let the fiery elements be poured out if they think it right, but in heed of our right and in defense of our..." (Religion and Radical Politics, 1995). I can only assume it means "in recognition of". or "with awareness of", "giving heed to". Again, I agree with David that it sounds ugly. It also offers unnecessary opportunity for confusion with "in need of".

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