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    can u pleas tell me what bounce means in this context?!?!

    Don't be afraid to have more than one person or group involved in a marketing program. I'mcurrently developing a direct response TV ad. I've got four principal writers writing two ads, whichseems like overkill, but working together has created a much better ad than they would have writtenindividually. Furthermore, because I have friends in the industry, I've bounced the concept off them.In many cases, I've let them read the ad and gotten their opinions."

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    Re: bounce

    I've asked their opinions of the concept.

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    Re: bounce

    I've bounced the concept off them.

    "Bouncing ideas off" each other is a phrase used here to mean quick exchange of ideas. Like bouncing a ball from one person to another. The ideas go from one person to another and then back again.

    Another term is "brainstorming"

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    Re: bounce

    Hi ionutzavram,

    To present or propose for comment or approval. Often used with off: bounced a few ideas off my boss.



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