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    where do i start?

    hi im looking at learning english unfortunately this is being learned as a first language and ive failed all english classes through school i can spell read and speak and i cant find anything that explains how everything works im also not sure what its called that i need to learn can someone recommend somthing that is EXTREMELY easy to learn and starts at the basics?

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    Re: where do i start?

    English Grammar and Writing : English language courses, English Grammar Online

    Try the above then search for grammar exercises if you really want to start with basics. There is plenty of free help available on the net. Tou might like to review the section on punctuation.

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    Re: where do i start?

    im really confused by what im reading is there somthing that explains what this stuff is? im hoping that im atleast making some sense

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    Re: where do i start?

    Try this one then. You asked for the basics but maybe that's not what you mean. Could you explain in more detail?

    Parts of Speech in English Grammar | Rules of Grammar

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