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    May I know what the differences between; sometimes, sometime, some times and some time?

    I just do not know which to use most of the time.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Sometimes

    Firstly, I think you'll find that 'some times' has been written when the person should have correctly written, 'sometimes'

    sometime: at some unspecified or unknown time
    "You must come to our place for dinner sometime."
    sometimes : occasionally, rather than all of the time
    "Sometimes I feel like packing it all in and going to live on a desert island."

    some time : "It will be some time before I am able to get that toy back in stock."
    "It will take some time to get over the shock of all this."
    Here, we are talking primarily about 'time' itself. I could have left 'some' out of those sentences and they would still be correct :
    It will take time to get over..
    -'some' is an adjective which qualifies the amount of time.
    It will take a long time...

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