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    not almost, almost not

    Could you tell me if these sentences are all right? Could 'not almost' and 'almost not' be replaced by 'hardly'? And what's the difference between 'not almost' and 'almost not'?

    1. I'm almost not young.
    2. Johnson wrote almost not at all during the year of 1745.
    3. It would almost not worth me going on.
    4. He seems almost not to notice.

    5. We've had not almost two minutes of stoppage.
    6. This is not almost like child abuse.
    7. As we gunned across the lake, I realised I was not almost there. Actually I was half way and probably two more hours from finishing the trip.

    Thank you very much in advance.

    (Most of these sentences come from British and American Corpuses.)
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    Re: not almost, almost not

    Hi, joham. According to English usage, you can say "almost no (nothing, never, none, no-one)...", but you cannot say "almost not or not almost..."
    Examples drawn from Collins Cobuild English Usage:
    A handbag was considered personal and almost never looked into.
    There is almost no leadership at all.
    I sold a picture by reducing the price to almsot nothing.

    (Not a teacher)
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