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    skinny on the street

    can u please tell me what "skinny on the street" means

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    Re: skinny on the street

    "The skinny" (or "the straight skinny") is a slang term meaning the truth. "The skinny on the street" refers to a rumor being passed around to the general population that is probably based in truth.

    For example, "The skinny on the street is that Bear Stearns is in serious financial trouble."

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    Re: skinny on the street

    Hi ionutzavram,

    With the present post I will try to define more accurately the meaning of the expression in question.

    skinny (n) slang. Inside information; the real facts:

    learned the skinny on their falling-out.

    skinny - slang term for inside or confidential information on a person or thing

    skinny- information, usually accurate. When it is known to be accurate it is often called "Straight Skinny."

    The skinny on..." something is a relatively recent idiom that means to give the bare facts about something without a lot of unnecessary detail: a concise, detailed report on.



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