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    Smile please help me find the mistakes.

    The following contains a number of errors. Note up to eight errors, provide an explanation for your choice and correct each one.

    “We now move on to look in more detail at the development of language and comunication during the years of schooling. We look at research design to identify the communicative demands that children face in school and elevate if, when and how children respond to these. we also study explanations as to why some children find it difficult to fulfill these demands and examine classroom research which offers some suggestions about how school’s might better serve such children.”
    (David Wood 1988 How Children Think and Learn Oxford:Blackwell

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    Re: please help me find the mistakes.

    Welcome to the forums.

    We ask posters to make the first try at an exercise, and will then advise them. Please make your selections and post them. Someone will answer you.

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