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If you talk about "sticking to" someone, you are speaking metaphorically, as though you WERE adhered together. I can only think of situations like I'm in a crowded store and I tell my small child to stick right to me (don't seperate by more than a few feet) or maybe something you would say to a body guard. You don't want any physical seperation.
That's right. Now I think it's all coming to me. I started this thread because I hesitated for a second or 2 between "with" and "to" when having a conversation with a friend. Thanks.

Sorry I just have another tiny bit of question since we're at it. Is this what they call "collocation agreement"? Let me tell you, I got myself in trouble for violating the "rule" a little while back on this forum. This is quite a red zone for me I have hesitated to enter till now.

Thanks in advance