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    word choice (segment vs segmentation)

    Hi, please help me choosing the right word. What is the difference between
    segmentation and segment? The answer to the following question is (A).
    Please explain to me why the answer is (A) .. Thank you

    This report addresses key questions, trends, and developments in the food industry and markets in the Southern Cone. It details and analyzes retail sales, volume sales, market --------, main brands, suppliers, market shares, and the future outlook.

    a) segmentation b) segment c) segmentary d) segmentally

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    Re: word choice (segment vs segmentation)

    I'm not a teacher, but I am a field supervisor for a couple of market research companies, and I can say without hesitation that "market segmentation" fits perfectly in there. From a market research point of view, "market segmentation" is what I would be expecting to see in that space.

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