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    Question Will & Shall

    What is the differance between 'will' & 'shall' ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ramesh R Bhat View Post
    What is the difference between 'will' & 'shall' ?
    "Will" is used to predict future actions, or with voluntary actions/promises.

    He will be ready by nine.
    I will clear up once we finish dinner.

    "Shall" is used to indicate future action or suggestions. "Shall" is also used with voluntary actions/actions. In formal English, the use of "shall" to describe future events implies inevitability.

    Shall we leave now?
    I shall visit Grandma yesterday.

    The most fundamental difference between the two is that "shall" is used primarily with "I" and "we". Also, "shall" indicates a finality, e.g.

    You shall not go to school tomorrow.

    In the above example "will" does not carry the same 'weight' as shall does.

    But then again, that's how I understand it, and I'm not a teacher :)

    You'll find more examples and explanations here and here.

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