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    search/ research, clue/hint

    Can you please help me?

    (1)what is the diferences between search and research. Which one I should use in the following sentences...

    (2) what is the differences between clue and hint... Which one is better to use in the following sentences.

    Can you also give me another examples when I should use hint and when I will use clue.

    He starts to search /research of her in different places. He finally finds some clues / hints about where she was taken.


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    Re: search/ research, clue/hint

    I'm not a teacher, but my thoughts are as follows:

    I would search for something that I had lost or needed to find.

    I would do research to test out whether a theory that I had proposed actually worked.

    In searching for something, I would be looking for clues (that I found for myself) that might lead me to it, such as looking for an animal's footprints.

    Hints are clues that someone else gives to you.

    He starts to search for her in different places. He finally finds some clues as to where she was taken.

    Hope this helps.

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