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    "Which" or "What"

    I'm helping a Chinese woman improve her English. Is there an easy-to-understand rule governing the usage of "which" and "what"? For example, which of the following sentences is correct and why:
    1) Which school do you attend?
    2) What school do you attend?

    Can anyone help? Mormor

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    Re: "Which" or "What"

    In general
    'what' is used when you are seeking information, plain and simple.
    'which' is used when you are asking for information and there is a specified number of people or things from a definite set to choose from.

    'What school do you go to?' is seeking the name of the school he attends.


    'You come from Smallville! As I remember, they only have two schools. Which school did you go to?"

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