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    Smile "Fancy seeing you here"

    Hi! Could you please help me? What's the meaning of "fancy seeing you here!"? Thanks!

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    Re: "Fancy seeing you here"

    without more context, it means I am glad to see you here or I am happy to see here


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    Re: "Fancy seeing you here"

    You use "fancy" + a pronoun or (in this case) a gerund to express your surprise or shock about something.

    A paraphrase of your sentence would be something like, "Well, well, I really am surprised to see YOU here!"

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    Re: "Fancy seeing you here"

    Yes, it can mean "(It's so nice, a fanciful thing ) to see you here.," but it can also be used sarcastically or with irony.

    For example, if you see someone who never exercises at the gym, working out, you may say, "Fancy seeing you here." It really meas, "I thought I'd never see you here today!"

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