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    make necessary corrections

    Hiiiiiii everyone.I have some sentences here who need some corrections.These were given in a slip test in my college.Can you please help in finding the correct answers?
    1.I am looking for employment
    my answer(ma):I am looking for an employment

    2.Sudhir is confident on my success
    ma:Sudhir is confident about my success

    3.This can happen with anybody
    ma:same answer.

    4.He said that he wants more ice cream
    ma:He said that he wanted more ice cream

    5.I came to know that he is there
    ma:same answer

    6.May I ask you a favour?

    7.A dog jumped in the stream

    8.They have been waiting since an hour
    ma:They have been waiting for an hour

    9.Divide the clothes between all these beggars
    ma:Divide the clothes amongst all these beggars

    10.I and she are going out.
    ma:She and I are going out
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    Re: make necessary corrections

    If you post your corrections to these sentences, others can then comment.

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