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    Example of a spoken calculation

    Here's a multiplication (146 x 281) together with all its steps, in words that a Brit might have used as he/she was working it out on paper before the days of pocket calculators.


    A hundred and forty-six times two hundred and eighty-one.

    beginning: Put down two noughts. Two sixes are twelve; put down two and carry one; two fours are eight and one are nine; two ones are two.

    next line: Put down one nought. Eight sixes are forty-eight; put down eight and carry four; eight fours are thirty-two and four is thirty-six; put down six and carry three; eight ones are eight and three is eleven.

    next line: One times 146 is 146.

    addition: Six and nought are nought is six; eight and four and nought is twelve; put down two and carry one; six and two are eight and one is nine and one is ten; put down nought and carry one; none and one are ten and one is eleven; put down one and carry one; two and one are three and one are four.

    total: forty-one thousand and twenty-six.

    Ok, that's it, now I wonder how an American would say this.


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    Re: Example of a spoken calculation

    probably too long, mate
    no one feels like doing your excercise

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