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    Question Interpretation

    How do the following statements differ:

    1. "I don't think its every going to happen."
    2. "It will never happen."

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    Re: Interpretation

    Quote Originally Posted by Marmie20 View Post
    How do the following statements differ:

    1. "I don't think its every going to happen."
    2. "It will never happen."
    when expressing opinion, especially starting with I think or don't think, you should tend to use "will" as you are not sure. If you are sure about a sitiuation then use "going".

    it depends on the context very much, for example: when you decided not to be a doctor (and your father tries to persuade you), after your decision while talking to your dad you might say: I don't think it's going to happen. On the other hand when you make your decision during this conversation you say it will never happen, I won't be a doctor, I am sorry etc...

    Did my explanation help you?

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    Re: Interpretation

    1. "I don't think its ever going to happen."
    When women started campaigning for the right to vote, there may have been men who were a little sympathetic to their cause; but being aware of the degree of opposition by most men, would doubt that it would ever happen that the law would change and allow women to vote. "I don't think its ever going to happen." Its an opinion, based on weighing up the facts as the person sees it, but the person could equally have said, " I may be wrong, but I don't think its ever going to happen. I just can't see most men agreeing to allow the law to be changed."
    2. "It will never happen."
    This is an outright assertion. The person is quite definite. He has no doubt in his mind. If someone in the late 19th century/early 20th century had suggested that women might one day be soldiers in the army, he would have been laughed at - "It will never happen." (Now, British women have not only long been in the armed forces, they are fighting in the Army over in Iraq.) So, the person is definite in his opinion...but it doesn't mean the person is right!

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