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Thread: you shall

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    you shall

    OXFORD says that in modern English 'shall' is not used very much at all. But when I searched American Corpus, I found nearly 500 sentences with 'you shall'. How is that? Are they all sentences from old English works?
    The following is one of them:
    Try to imagine her and you shall feel your heart turn cold as a stone.

    Thank you very much.

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    Re: you shall

    The sentence you quote certainly sounds like something one would read in a Gothic novel (18th to 19th century literature)!!
    I was thinking about that a few weeks back, and it seems to me it is little used today- or at least, one of the reasons it seems little used is that it is 'disguised' because we use it in its contraction form:
    "I'll be home next week."
    Other ways in which 'shall' would be used seem to have been superseded by a more colloquial phrasing eg
    "Shall I send you the book?" becomes, "Do you want me to send you the book?"

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    Re: you shall

    It was said enough so let's leave this topic. Shall we?no.Let's carry on.
    My point I am trying to make is that there are some expressions where "shall" is still used though... I gave one exapmle. I am curious about some more.

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