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    Question Entirely OR completely attributable?

    Hi guys,

    which adverb is most suited for the adjective attributable? (the meaning should be that certain aspects are almost totally caused by a certain something).
    And where should the adverb be?

    "...are attributable almost entirely to.." or "....are almost entirely attributsabl to" ?



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    Re: Entirely OR completely attributable?

    'entirely' has the meaning of 'completely' but with the added nuances of 'solely and exclusively', and would be my preference.
    It's also, to my ear, a 'nicer' word, if that makes any sense!

    The position will depend on whether you wish to stress that something IS caused by (attributable to), or the degree of this causaation. Can you give us the whole sentence?

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    Re: Entirely OR completely attributable?

    Sample sentence?

    Her beautiful eyes are attributable almost entirely to makeup.

    Her beautiful eyes are almost entirely attributable to makeup.

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