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    Survey on student motivation

    I have to undertake a smallscale action research project on how display technology affects student motivation on ESOL course in an FE environment. A questionnaire needs to be devised and I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions. The main thrust is motivation (and not necessarily ICT use) as I am comparing two colleges, one which uses ICT and one that doesn't.


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    Re: Survey on student motivation


    Motivation is some kind of internal drive that encourages somebody to pursue a course of action. The motivation that students bring to class is the biggest factor affecting their motivation. Motivation can be divided into two main catagories: EXTRINSIC MOTIVATION, which is concerned with factors outside the classroom, and INTRINSIC MOTIVATION, which is concerned with what takes place inside the classroom. Now, these motivations have many sub-categories............


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    Re: Survey on student motivation

    Well motivation deals with aspect of moving in the right direction at the right time.There are lot of factors that determine the way a person gets motivated.
    we have to consider factors such as money,reward etc to determine the efficiency of motivation.


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    Re: Survey on student motivation

    Is the assistance you are asking for to do with designing the survey (and hence, the areas that need to be covered)?
    You are off to a good start in that you have a control group, the college which doesn't use ICT.
    As a start, see

    Questionnaire Design & Analysis
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