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    The Apostrophe , commonly used in Elizabethan English . Does it substitute particular lettres or how it can be dealt with

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    Re: Punctuation

    The original purpose of the apostrophe when they first appeared in the Sixteenth Century was to indicate missing letters in a word:

    over = o'er
    the effect = th'effect
    could not = couldn't.
    can not = can't

    Quote Originally Posted by Shakespeare
    "A bear't that th'opposed may beware of thee," and "A 'tis in my memory lock'd"
    Apostrophes are still used today to indicate lost letters:

    can not = can't
    I have = I've
    it is = it's
    who is = who's
    you are = you're

    Read about how to use apostrophes:
    The Apostrophe Conundrum by Rosemarie Ostler

    All the best, :D

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