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    Is this correct?

    My English is a little rusty for lack of use. These are my doubts:

    - Can we say 'At the weekends we go out in the open air?' Somehow it sounds awkward!

    - 'At the beach, my children enjoy swimming and doing sand constructions. '
    • is it 'at the beach' or 'on the beach'?
    • do people 'do sand constructions' or 'make sand constructions'? Or is the whole thing wrong?
    Thank you for your help.

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    Re: Is this correct?

    I'm a Brit, but not a teacher.

    1st sentence: No problem.

    2nd sentence: "doing sand constructions" should read "making sand castles", irrespective of whether the final construction looks llike a castle, a boat or a car!


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    Re: Is this correct?

    You are 'at the beach' as the general location of where you are, as opposed to being in town, at home, at school.
    Your children play 'on the beach', meaning, on the actual 'surface' of the beach (the sand).

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