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    badly needed to buy

    This is a fill-in question set by a Chinese teacher of English:

    With some books badly needed ______,she hurried to the bookstore.
    A.buying B. bought buy
    The given answer is 'to buy'.

    I doubt if this is a correct sentence. Should we say 'She badly needed to buy some books, so she hurried to the book store'? And can the sentence 'She badly needed to buy some books' be changed into the passive 'Some books were badly needed to be bought'? It sounds odd.

    Could I ask native English teachers to help me? Thank you very much.

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    Re: badly needed to buy

    An awkward sentence.

    What you are most likely to hear is "With some books badly needing to be bought, she hurried to the bookstore." - but this is not one of the options offered.

    In good English, the sentence could be " Needing some books badly, she hurried to the bookstore to buy them", or indeed your suggested sentence.

    Of the options offered, the one I would go for is "buying": "With some books badly needed buying ,she hurried to the bookstore."

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    Re: badly needed to buy

    Also possible:

    Having some badly needed books to buy, she hurried to the bookstore.

    "badly needed," are adjective modifying "books"

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