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Thread: Which word?

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    Which word?

    Is there exist the word "basketballer" or "basketball-player" or "basketman"?
    I've looked all them up in the internet, Oxford and Longman. And now, I am so confused. I don;t know which word is right. Please help me! Thanks!

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    Re: Which word?

    Although not a teacher, as a Brit I would have only used "Basketball player".

    I have never come across the other suggestions - and I would not have recognised "Basketman" as a Basketball player.


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    Re: Which word?

    I'm not a teacher, but as a native speaker of NZ English, I can see here another example of our position between UK and US English. I would say either basketballer or basketball player, and I think that many in NZ would do likewise. It's likely that the use of "basketballer" is growing here, following as it does the model of footballer, cricketer, golfer, etc.

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