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    Hello everyone

    I'd like to ask about the meaning of the phrase "being coaxed down onto the trail."

    Brace began walking toward the worm's head.
    The worm was slowly crawling forward, gulping down the big sweet barrels as she moved. Farther ahead, several dozen mockmen were being coaxed down onto the trail. At a distance, they looked entirely human. They seem small and plainly scared, clinging to one another while their bare feet slipped on the white grease.

    What does "coax" mean in this case?
    It's that in this story mockmen are people's servants and people give them orders rather than asking them to do something.

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    Re: coax

    "being coaxed" is not always a gentle gesture.

    Sounds like they were prodded or forcibly led down the hill.

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    Re: coax

    In all the usages I have met, coax means to persuade someone gently to do something or go somewhere, by being kind and patient, or by appearing to be kind and gentle. It certainly does not have any aggressive connotation.

    In this passage, the mockmen are clearly nervous, so gentle persuasion makes a great deal more sense.

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