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    What is the difference between "think right" and "right think"?

    I heard these words from a foreigner in my country, but i don't know what they means.

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    Re: What is the difference between "think right" and "right think"?

    I think you have heard someone speaking what I suppose is charitably called a dialect that is found in a few areas of Britain. In the words you quote, the 'g' in 'thing' is pronounced as a 'k'. So:
    'It's the right thing to do' is spoken as 'It's the right think to do'
    'He can't do a damn thing right' is spoken as 'He can't do a damn think right'
    Other changes in spoken speech are:
    mother : muvva
    brother : bruvva
    with : wiv
    breathe : breeve
    breath : breff
    't' and 'tt' is replaced in certain words with a glottal stop:
    bottle : bo-ul
    isn't it :init

    (I wince and grimace when I hear people talking like this.)
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