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    Phrasal verbs

    Can someone explain the context where you use this expression ( GET OFF IT)? Do you use it when you don't believe something someone is saying in a humorous way? Can you give me some examples of contexts where you usually use this expression, please?

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    Re: Phrasal verbs

    the idiom is 'come off it', and is used when a person is saying something far-fetched or not believable.
    John:"I can't ask her for a date. She'd never go out with me."
    Pete: "Come off it mate. She went out with Ian and you're better looking than he is."
    (Oh, adolescent males!)

    He: "I get 45 miles to the gallon in this little beauty."
    She: "Come off it. My car has a smaller engine and even I only get 35."

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