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Thread: will vs would

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    will vs would

    I couldn't locate on this website any grammar section about will and would and i am wondering if there is any. I took the online quiz and I got 8/10 my two mistakes were:
    If I have time, I ____ do it.
    I hope we ____ be able to do it
    I chose would for both cases since I thought that the first case is conditional on having time and the second case that there is a probability of doing it. why the answer for these is will?

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    Re: will vs would

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    Re: will vs would

    Pardon for chipping in.
    In the first example,"If I have time" is something that is most likely to occur in future, so the first conditional should be used.
    "Hope" is a present real possibility and is thus followed by a clause in the present or future tense, as contrasted to "wish"
    (Not a teacher)


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